We are an institution dedicated to the study of couples with infertility problems.

In 85% of cases it is due to causes that can be diagnosed with the proper study of the couple and thus apply the most appropriate treatment to provide a solution.

In some 15 % of cases we have found what is called sterility of unknown origin, but even in this, it is still possible to successfully implement various treatments. Couples with infertility go through an integrated and simultaneous analysis, following a study protocol aimed to rule out the most common problems in both males and females. Cuando la información se obtiene no es suficiente realizamos pruebas más específicas para identificar el proceso que altera las posibilidades de concepción de las parejas. When the information obtained is not enough, we carry out more specific tests to identify the process that alters the possibilities of conception.

It's important to highlight that each of the causes that alter the reproductive process have a specific treatment, that many of the occasions are limited to the prescription of certain drugs, or to simple surgical interventions when the problems are not solved by the aforementioned routes to assisted reproduction.

Our patient care

In EMBRYOGEN each case is treated by several specialist experienced in their field that offer their views when doctors are solving every problem. However only the physician in charge is aware and accepts the decisions of each patient.


EMBRYOGEN Organizational framework gives guidance and direction to our actions, and reflects our values.



Being one of the leading institutes that offer comprehensive reproductive health services in Mexico: also to be recognized and supported by institutions and associations nationally and internationally.


Being a facility that provides comprehensive care to women, where we direct our effort to help our patients in creating their family, and achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction.


Family Warmth in the Service, Professionalism, Pride and Vanguard.

Proactive , Organized , Disciplined , Enthusiastic, Committed , Responsible , Tolerant , Respectful , Helpful, Constructive Warmth , Humble , Grateful, Learning Vision , Reliable and Honest .


  • Provide a clear, assertive, and an honest serious commitment with our patients; to monitor with warmth and care all aspects of our treatment.
  • Achieving efficient and effective communication between all EMBRYOGEN staff and in the information we give to our employees, suppliers, business partners, media, competition, and etc.
  • To develop a capable team, innovative, committed and consisted on a personal and professional level.
  • Brand positioning through associations with companies using very selected media.
  • Having the support of a major national and international hormonal pharmaceutical company; to achieve a greater impact and trust with patients or potential patients.
  • To be in the forefront in Infrastructure and Technology.
  • To Obtain and maintain a representative market presence and consolidate ourselves as an Institute with a large geographical market.
  • To form a network of prestige physicians to direct our patients to our centers.
  • To provide and promote continuous internal or external training for our staff.




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